Justin “Prez” Brown

Justin Davis Brown was born May 2nd, 1986. He had always had a knack for putting words together and was a high end scholar during his school
years. Justin graduated Putnam City High School with honorable mention. “My love of music goes far beyond, Hip Hop!  I wasnt even allowed to listen to Rap music when i was younger. I grew up on 90s Alternative Rock, Alanis Morrissette is one of my all time favorite artists.” When he was finally allowed to listen to Hip Hop, he soon realized this is what he had been missing. “Chamillionaire and Kanye West are the reasons i not only fell in love with the music, but they also gave me the belief that maybe this is something I could do.This journey has been a long one, ive spent the last 10 years of my life tryin to balance a successful corporate america life and music the same” Two years ago he released his first album, “God And Women: A Hip Hip Ballad” generating a buzz and intrigue for himself. “The album was my life to that point, the ups and downs, the quitting of jobs to make more time for music, the process of learning what life is and what it means to me. It also focused on my past relationships. I can honestly say that if u didnt know me you could listen to that album and feel like you had an idea of who I am and the path ive blazed.” Currently he has turned his 2nd album in and it is going thru the mix and mastering processes as we speak.” This album is called Mixed Perspectives Grey Areas or MPGA for short. “Man i cant wait for people to hear this. God And Women was a conscious album, MPGA is a blend of conscious rap, todays style of instrumentals with hooks that replicate the time. This is a party album i made to reach the younger generations and appease the elders with content. I executed my plan to a T and this album is what the game is coming to. Its my time, make sure you are apart of the process”

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