Jarnail Singh and Jabarjang Singh

The Twin Stallions – Jarnail Singh Gill & Jabarjang Singh Gill

In October 2014 at the age of 6years, under the guidance / instructions of Raj Singh Randhawa (Founder of Lions MMA & Director of Fight Star Championship), The Twin Stallions joined Kiatphontip Muay Thai Boxing Gym and became students of Master Kru Jompop who in his career held the South Thailand Championship & Was formerly ranked Number:1 at Rajadamnern Stadium, Thailand.

February 2015 Jabarjang faught in his first interclub and in March 2015 Jarnail faught in his first interclub. After seeing how they are progressing, Master Kru Jompop vowed that one day The Twin Stallions will both become World Champions in Muay Thai Boxing.

All of 2015, they both where fighting in interclubs around the UK. It was in 2017 where they both started fighting full decision bouts. Although Master Kru Jompop was their head coach, they also learned great knowledge and skills from other various Thai coaches linked to Kiatphontip Gym.

It was 2018, Both Twin Stallions started winning championships and capurted their first belt on 11th February 2018. Becoming new ambassadors of Omni Global Services, Mr. Darryl Francis from Las Vegas, USA, named “Rolls Royce” by the legend Iron Mike Tyson in the days of when he was part of Team Tyson, became their Manager and since then has looked after their well-being. Mr Kumel Heer from Walsall, UK also assists with the management duties. Other members who have played a major part in the Twin Stallions success are Gary Goodison, Shantanu Pujari and Big Joe Egan who was named ‘The Toughest White Man on the Planet’ by the legend Iron Mike Tyson.

After winning promotional title belts, Jarnail’s first known championship belt was won on 17th March 2018 where he became the UKMF / IFMA Junior British Open Muay Thai Champion and Jabarjang’s first known championship belt was won on 7th April 2018 where he became British W.M.F. Muay Thai Champion. Throughout the year they got more stronger, skillful and capurted more area, regional, international championship belts between them.
On 9th September 2018 they entered a British open tournament where the winners would become WFMC British Grand Champions and get selected in Team Great Britiain for the 2019 World Championships which where going to take place in Germany. Although the Twin Stallions where in the same age group, they never had to complete against each other because of their weight categories. Jarnail is the heavier and taller one out of the two brothers. Jarnail was fresh for the tournament, but Jabarjang had faught for a Angli-Scottish UKMT title belt a day before on 8th September 2018 in Edinburgh, which he successfully won. Both Twin Stallions won the tournament and became WFMC British Muay Thai Grand Champions in their respected weight categories and became squad members for Team Great Britain.

On 25th May 2019 they both entered a WKU Junior World Cup Tournament in Nothern Ireland. It was that time the Twins started fighting in full contact bouts. Yet again both Twin brothers had a successful tournament and became, for the first time WKU Junior World Cup World Champions in their respected categories.

Up until representing Team Great Britain in the world championships later that year of 2019, the Twins trained hard and gained even more knowledge from Master Kru Jompop and also trained with the squad members for Team GB.

October 2019 The Twin Stallions travelled with Team Great Britain and headed for Germany where the World Championships where taking place. The Twins both faught opponents from other countries around the world in full contact fight rules. They both faught over 7 fights each in a 2-day tournament. Under the guidance of Team Great Britain coach Sean Hamma Smith, Both Twins won their tournaments and both became Gold Medalists for Team Great Britiain and New World Champions. After the win both Twins got emotional in their interviews and looked back at all the hard work they put in from 2014 to get to where they where at that stage. They also stated that coach Sean Hamma Smith played a major role in getting them ready and prepared with a game plan for the World Championships and it was a experience that they will never forget in life.

The news travelled fast around the world, and world wide known celebrities paid tribute to The Twin Stallions on social media on their success and wished them well in their careers. After celebrations back in the UK, The Twin Stallions decided to take a long well deserved break from Muay Thai Boxing and concentrate on studies and other priorities in their lifes. Early 2020 in the time of the pandemic, everything in the country got shut down including gyms and schools. It was a complete different experience for the Twins. During this period many more celebrities connected with the Twins and earged them not to stop training and keep fighting in their Muay Thai Boxing career’s.
After accepting their advice, Both Twins started training again but took it to the streets as gyms where closed and they couldnt connect with Master Kru Jompop due to the pandemic.

After the pandemic The Twins got back to normality and started training again with Master Kru Jompop and also became proteges of new striking coach Robin Reid who was a former WBC and IBO World Super Middleweight Boxing Champion. This was a major move on the part of The Twin Stallions training regime.

The Twin Stallions where both featured in The Sikh 100 under 30 for two years in a row, 2020 & 2022 at number 26 & 27. Other world famous celebrities where also featured.

As the Twin Stallions prepared for their next fight, February 2022 they travelled to Mumbai, India as they where selected to fight for IBF Championships officially sanctioned by IBF. On 19th February 2022, adding to their major achievements, Jabarjang became the new IBF u-16 Bantamweight Champion and Jarnail became the new u-16 Lightweight Champion. The news of the win travelled all over the world as The Twins became the first Sikhs in history regardless of any discipline or category to become official IBF champions. Throughout 2022 they both kept training hard but also concentrated on their studies because that was also very important in their careers.

October 2022 the management of The Twin Stallions where approached by WBC who previously wanted The Twin Stallions to fight on one of their major shows but at the time The Twin Stallions opted to fight for the IBF championships, wanted The Twins to fight on a co-main event for the u-16 WBC Muay Thai Boxing Championships in May 2023. The fight was accepted. On 6th May 2023 The Twin Stallions made history yet again and became the first Sikh brothers to become officially sanctioned WBC Muay Thai Boxing Champions. Jabarjang got crowned WBC u-16 Welterweight Champion and Jarnail got crowned WBC u-16 Super-Welterweight Champion.

Throughtout their career they have become role models to the community and become very close to certain major celebrities throughout the world who they have also worked alongside in various promotions. The Twins also do charity work for various major charities including Our Dementia Choir, Henshaws Arts & Crafts and Jet Singh Trust.

Below is a list of all honours / achievements won by The Twin Stallions.


* K1 (Semi Contact Fighting) 38kg Sandee Champion
* Junior Muay Thai 37kg Champion
* UKMF / IFMA Junior British Open Muay Thai Champion
* UKMF Midlands Region Open Muay Thai Champion -41kg
* WFMC British Muay Thai Grand Champion -40kg
* SANDEE Junior Contender Series Champion -40kg
* Selected for GB BRITISH TEAM
* S3 FIGHT LEAGUE Junior Muay Thai Midlands Open Championships Champion -40kg
* SANDEE UK Junior Championships Champion
* WKU Junior World Cup World Champion -40kg
* WKU International Champion -40kg
* Gold Medalist / WFMC World Champion Representing Team Great Britain -40kg
* IBF u-16 Lightweight Champion
* World Muay Thai Council India / IFMA – India Ranking Series 1st place in 2022 for Jarnail’s respected weight category
* WBC u-16 Super-Welterweight Champion



* K1 (Semi Contact Fighting) 30kg Sandee Champion
* Junior Muay Thai 32kg Champion
* British W.M.F. Muay Thai Champion
* UKMF Midlands Region Open Muay Thai Champion -32kg
* WTKA Anglo-Scottish Muay Thai Champion
* WFMC British Muay Thai Grand Champion -35kg
* Selected for GB BRITISH TEAM
* WKU Junior World Cup World Champion -35kg
* WKU International Champion -35kg
* Gold Medalist / WFMC World Champion
Representing Team Great Britain -35kg
* IBF u-16 Bantamweight Champion
* World Muay Thai Council India / IFMA – India Ranking Series 1st place in 2022 for Jabarjang’s respected weight category
* WBC u-16 Welterweight Champion

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