Alphonse Franklin, Former Lead Singer Of The Miracles



Alphonse Franklin – former lead singer for The Miracles in 2008. He looks and sounds like young Smokey Robinson, he has a sung almost everywhere. Festivals, Casinos, Theatres, Concert Halls, Hotel Parties, Charity Benefits and Fund Raisers have all captured moments of Alphonse singing Smokey Robinson on stage and were amazed!

At the age of 14, he formed a singing group called Four Stories High. They were a tribute to The Miracles group. As he was getting older, people were saying that he looks like a Young Smokey and sounded like him too. He thought that was so great to be told in Alphonse sings Smokey. He met Smokey in Chicago in 2007 at a show of his; Took a photo together and gave him his card. In 2008 he got an email, it was The Miracles saying they needed a new lead singer. You know this was his “Miracles”, “Thank you lord” he said, god had prepared him all these years for this task. His dream now is to sing together on stage with Smokey himself. He really believed in “Miracles”… for dreams do come true.

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